The history of JaneCharlot

JaneCharlot’s history started in 2018 when after 35 years of NOTHING, a new “Connected Healthcare” French diploma was launched the French DIDEROT MEDICAL UNIVERSITY in Paris.

I passed the diploma and my end of training project was JaneCharlot: building an opensource architecture of a medical avatar robot which could be used as a base for future medical robot exploration.

The project consisted in 2 designs: 1 small design consisting on a small miniature robot. The idea at this stage was to test the possibility to build and test the main functions. When fully working we plan to make a taller model to work in medical offices and clinics.

The first steps with the design of a small robot went well. But due to a lot of medical work, I put everything in PAUSE mode.

Thanks to CORONA VIRUS, my medical activity went to ZERO because of confinment. It was then time to re-work the concept and use the new knowledge + new technologies for version 2.0 . In 2 years, many things have changed : computer vision is now well further, AI is democratized a lot. Prices dropped….