The New JaneCharlot website back on-line

What if you could come with us and build a free opensource robot ?

The project history

Year 2018 to 2020 / I started the project alone for a medical diploma requirement. Then, because odf a crowded calendar, the project slept during a lon period until 2020

Find the components

As far as possible, I’m trying to list all the sources, prices and components specifications for you to purchase all the parts to build your own robot. Most of then are low cost from aliexpress.

“We now have all the technology at home to be able to create our own robotic tools from scratch.”

JaneCharlot’s project came from a Medical Diploma I had to pass. The Diploma is the “CONNECTED HEALTHCARE DIPLOMA” from the UNIVERSITY PARIS DECARTES of Paris/France. I passed it by the end of 2018.

At the end of the diploma, we had to present a personnal project. I’ve always wanted to create a medical robot to welcome patients, drive them into a private practice office or clinic As all medical device cost a kidney, I wanted it to be opensource, fully customizable .. AND CHEAP!

You now how know why you are ready this.

You want to join us!

What are you waiting for ? You have no risk, because it is free.
If you want to put money into the project you can . This is a good idea to speed up the creation process. If not, it is also great, we will succeed a bit slower but we will.